Roll out the redhead carpet! Julianne Moore and her lookalike daughter Liv, 12, strike a pose together in Vogue


They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and the saying certainly rings true when it comes to Julianne Moore's family.


The 53-year-old actress poses in the new issue of Vogue with her daughter Liv Freundlich, 12, whose fiery red hair, green eyes and porcelain complexion make her the spitting image of her famous mother.


In the mother-daughter photo, which was shot by Annie Leibovitz, the tween looks on-trend in a sequined tartan skirt and wool sweater by Saint Laurent.


Ms Moore, whose husband is directer Bart Freundlich, wears a black Oscar de la Renta silk velvet dress, with one arm protectively holding her daughter.


The photo is part of a spread in the magazine titled The Best Redheads, which features famous stars who are known for their crimson locks.


Spot the difference: The strikingly similar duo turned heads at New York Fashion Week in September 2013


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While Ms Moore has been known to change up her natural hue from time to time - most recently wearing a silver wig for her role as Alma Coin in the latest Hunger Games movie - Liv says she can never quite get used to the changes.


'It's so weird,' the middle schooler - who has had acting roles in 2005 film Trust the Man and 2009 film The Rebound - told the magazine, rolling her eyes in jest.


It's not the first time the mother-daughter duo have showed off their striking resemblance.


In fact, the stylish Liv and her mom made quite the impression during last fall's New York Fashion Week, turning heads from the front row at the Reed Krakoff show.


And as a three-year-old in February 2006, she was pictured perched happily on her mother's lap at an NBA basketball game in Houston, Texas.


Ms Moore and her husband also have a 16-year-old son named Caleb, whose hair has a distinct reddish tinge as well.


Another star featured in the spread is Florence + the Machine singer Florence Welch, who admits that she once had 'mousy-brown hair'.


In the image, the performer channels her inner Greek goddess in a nude Lanvin silk-satin blouse and skirt, her tresses cascading in loose waves behind her.


+6The 27-year-old said her epiphany about her hair came while on tour with MGMT six years ago.


'We had been up all night and were wandering the streets of Paris midday, looking for this place called Rock Hair,' she recalled.


'Then and there I decided to go bright red with fringe - I wanted to make myself almost an alien. I didn't realize it would be the defining hair moment of my life.'


Jessica Chastain, Amy Adams and supermodels Lily Cole and Karen Elson also share their personal experiences of being a redhead in the spread.


For Ms Adams, who technically classifies her hair color as 'golden retriever', it's the characteristics associated with redheads that she relates to most.


'I absolutely identify as a redhead,' she said.


'Redheads have a get out of jail free card when it comes to their temper and their sense of humor. That suits my personality.'

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